SATA Airlines Safety Record

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In this particular focus, we’ll take a look at some information on one of the top airlines to operate flights to the Azores: SATA International.

Flying to the Azores?

Before you start booking your seats, we recommend looking at reviews of each operator, as well as their safety records; this will help you to make an informed decision about which ticket is right for you, so that your Azores adventure can get off to the best possible start!

About SATA Airlines

Since the 1940s, The SATA group has grown into a major force in the world airline industry, serving a vital role in connecting the Azores islands to mainland Portugal.

In the early 1980s, the company adopted its current name; by 2009, a new corporate identity was created, with a new brand image and logo being implemented across all of the airline’s assets;

The new logo features a stylised depiction of a goshawk, which has been dubbed: ‘The Blue Islands Açor’: This comprises a series of simple geometric shapes, each of which represents one of the nine Azores islands.

SATA Airlines Safety Record

One of the major pieces of information that many consumers like to factor into their decision making process when booking a flight is the safety record of the various airlines out there;

SATA Air Açores is listed on IATA’s website and has passed its IATA Operational Safety Audit benchmark, making it one of the safest options around when flying to and from the Azores.

About The Azores

The Azores comprises nine beautiful islands in the north Atlantic, which are packed with spectacular scenery, fabulous architecture and plenty of fun activities for people of all ages;

Whether you’d like to be surrounded by nature, explore the rich historical heritage of the islands or indulge in vibrant festivities, the Azores will not disappoint! And, along with its pleasant climate, you can be sure of a warm welcome from the locals once you touch down on this Portuguese paradise.