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There has never been a better time to pay a visit to Orlando…

Nicknamed ‘The City Beautiful’ (and often: ‘The Theme Park Capital of the World’), Orlando is known as a haven among tourist-friendly destinations, for a number of noteworthy reasons:

  • Cheap flights to Orlando are easy to find, meaning that you can save money to spend on your trip!
  • The city is home of more hotels than any other location in the USA, with the sole exception of Las Vegas, meaning that there is always going to be availability and a huge amount of choice for every budget.
  • Orlando is the perfect destination for families, with many child-friendly facilities available thanks to the popularity of attractions like Walt Disney Resorts.
  • With fantastic weather all year round, you can be sure of a perfect stay, whether you choose to take the kids during the summer holidays, or wish to escape colder climates during the winter.
  • Aside from theme parks and fantastic shopping experiences, Orlando is packed with activities which will satisfy all interests: From exciting swampland boat tours to a peaceful stroll through tranquil settings like Leu gardens.

A sample Orlando holiday itinerary might include trips to:

Walt Disney Resorts

Add a touch of Disney magic to your trip with a trip to this world-famous resort: With plenty of family-friendly villas and hotels available, accommodation won’t be a problem;

Activity-wise, the only limiting factor to the fun you could have in Walt Disney Resorts is how much time and energy you have to spend there!

Whether you’d like to shake hands with Mickey and pals, go on a thrilling ride or enjoy a magical show, there are plenty of entertaining and educational activities for all ages!

Universal Orlando

Thrill-seekers the world over travel to Universal Orlando to sample some of the most exciting rollercoasters and rides available anywhere in the USA;

A huge variety of movie-themed attractions, as well as unique, original shows will fill your days with fun, whilst the fantastic selection of music venues, bars and clubs mean that there are still plenty of activities for the grown-ups once the sun sets!

Kennedy Space Centre

If you’d like to pay a visit to an icon of the space-age and exploring an enduring symbol of America’s contributions to science and technology, a tour of the John F. Kennedy Space Centre will give you plenty of background information on the historic human space flight missions of days past, as well as the chance to view engineering masterpieces like the Saturn V rocket up close and personal!

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